LED Design & Installation

LED Design & Installation

LEDecolite can also offer a fully comprehensive design and installation service for all your lighting requirements.

Not only do we supply a wide variety of LED Lightbulbs, we are also able to provide a complete electrical installation and design service if required. So if you are looking for an electrician to install your new LEDecolite products, or help with the refurbishment of your current premises or a complete new build our electricians have the skills and knowledge to provide an electrical design to suit your needs.

We understand that it isn't always easy to specify exactly what you will need to replace your current lighting system, so we are happy to take time to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Our electrical designers have extensive knowledge and invaluable experience not only in the LED lighting market but also in the electrical industry in general. All our designers have originated from very different backgrounds and are highly experienced in industrial and commercial projects as well as domestic applications and between them are able to tackle any electrical installation or design project. 

All our LED products come from the far east; we do not hide this like most other companies. We are proud of the fact that we have sent our team out to China to source the products and build a solid business relationship with our Chinese partners. We have helped in the development of several our products and can now stake claim to having our own production factory in the province of Shenzhen. With this strong business relationship, we can be sure our products are of the highest standard and latest design. We also have a China division office now permanently in Shenzhen so that we can carry out regular inspections of the factories that supply LEDecolite.

LED Electrical Design & Installation

With over 30 years’ experience we have obtained a wealth of knowledge, especially within the commercial sector, enabling us to install to the highest of standards. Although we are a midland based company, our services are nationwide.

Today’s customer requires ever increasing standards but whilst maintaining schedule and having the job finished on time. At LEDecolite we listen to our customers’ needs and tailor our service to accommodate any restrictions the customer may have.

All our work is carried out to the relevant British standards and our LED installation team is an approved electrical contractors. No matter what your requirements, LEDecolite has all the resources and expertise required to successfully carry out both large and small projects. We have a dedicated design team that will put together a full lighting scheme using up to date Photometric data for the products being installed. Our designs are based around the Relux Lighting Design Software.