LED Emergency Downlight, 1 watt, Self Testing

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Our LED emergency mini spot light is one the best on the market. The LED lightbulb used is a 1W Cree LED making this small but very powerful.
LED Emergency Downlight, 1 watt,  Self Testing
1W Cree LED
Emergency down light
3Hr battery Back Up
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LED Emergency Downlight, 1 watt,  Self Testing

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Input  Voltage: 220-240Vac
Cree LED
1 watt LED
3hr Emergency Lighting Duration
Maintained or Non-Maintained mode selection
Real-time Monitoring of LED and Battery Connections
Monthly LED lamp Self-testing
Yearly full-function Self-testing
Meets BS5266 Emergency lighting requirements
Ideal for commercial applications
CE approved

The unit is an advanced Emergency Light incorporating both Maintained or Non- Maintained mode selection, Real-time monitoring of LED and Battery connections, Monthly LED Self-testing and Yearly full-function self-testing to meet the Requirements of BS5266.
Technical Specification:
Line Voltage: 220-240Vac @ 50~60Hz l Lamp Type: 51.7ln Flux White LED l 3hr Emergency Lighting Duration l Maintained or Non-Maintained mode selection l Real-time Monitoring of LED and Battery Connections l Monthly LED lamp Self-testing
Yearly full-function Self-testing l CE approved
Parameter Value Min Typical Max Unit Line Voltage 220 240 [Vac] Line Frequency 50 [Hz] Standby Current 3 [mA]
Battery Charging Current 500 [mA] LED Drive Current 350 [mA] Environmental Temperature Range 0 45 [°C] Case Temperature (max) 60 [°C]
Battery Nominal Voltage 4.8 [V] Battery Nominal Capacity 2,000 [mAh] LED Luminous Flux 51.7 [lm] LED lifetime [Lumen maintenance of greater than 70%] 50K [hours]
1. To ensure that adjacent fittings do not carry out a full 3 hour discharge at the same time each unit is given one of ten ‘variation numbers’. Please ensure that identical numbered units are not installed in the same location within the building.
2. When power is initially applied to the unit it will start a ‘battery conditioning’ sequence. The unit will carry out a ‘self test’ and then discharge the battery to 3.9volts. The main white LED may illuminate for over 3 hours. The unit will then re-charge the battery. During this sequence the indicator will show a Green LED Fast Flashing (5Hz) to indicate ‘initial testing’.
Please note this initial test may take 24 hours to complete the full discharge/recharge cycle. Following this initial test sequence the unit will start the monthly ‘self-test’ timer and subsequently carry out the required tests. The following show the self testing and indication parameters.
1) Monthly Self-Test - Main white LED on for 5 minutes. - Green LED slow flash (0.5Hz) for 5 minutes.
2) Annual Self-test - Main white LED on for minimum of 3 hours. - Green LED slow flash (0.5Hz) minimum 3 hours. - After Annual Self-test the unit will indicate ‘battery charging’
3) Battery Charging - Green LED fast flash (5Hz) - Main white LED may be switched on/off as required. - Battery requires about 10hours to fully re-charged (5.4V)
4) AC power break - White LED turn on for 3 hours. - Green LED off - After about 3 hours, the White LED will turn off. Then, the battery will reserve some power to retain the timing function for 7 days.
5) Interval between installation and 1st Monthly Self-Test - Interval between installation and 1st monthly self-test has 10 variations - 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 & 30 days. - After 1st monthly self-test, monthly self-test will take place every 30 days. Each unit is given a ‘variation number’ (1-10)
6) Initial Self-test
 - After installation, it will start an annual self-test immediately.
LED indicator and Buzzer Status:
1. Green LED On indicates normal status
2. Green LED Fast Flashing (5Hz) indicates initial testing.
3. Green LED Slow Flashing (2Hz) indicates monthly or yearly self-testing is in progress
4. Red LED Fast Flashing (5Hz) indicates LED Lamp fault
5. Red LED Slow Flashing (2Hz) indicates Battery fault
6. Buzzer sounding every 35 minutes indicates fault found Wiring: 1. Brown: ‘Un- switched Live’ – Used to charge the battery & monitor local lighting circuits. 2. Blue: Neutral 3. Red: ‘Switched live’ – Used to switch the light on/off for normal use. Emergency operation will always override the ‘switched live’ function. 4. Earth- This unit does not require an earth connection; however an earth terminal is supplied to allow earth continuity to be maintained. When “Switched live” is wired to ‘Live’, Maintained mode is selected. When “Switch live” is not connected, Non-Maintained mode is selected.
Physical Dimension:
Cut out size 50 mm * All units in mm

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